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I had a very scary and dishonest review with this person (Jennifer Fails).She basically raised the price of my photographs because I simply asked her to tack on payment for tracking the photos so they would not get lost in the mail.

She replies via email saying that she didn't want to go the the post office for that.

Also, in order to drop the so called "shipping" charges added, I asked for her address and went to her home to pick up my photos. She opens the door and says nothing. I also had had my 3 young children with me and she does not acknowledge them what so ever. One was on my hip.

she then demands the higher rate that she told me via email and I told her no, b/c she is just being mean to up the rate for no reason. she then started yelling and said " fine then, how about no pictures?" and slammed the door on us. I ended up giving her the extra money that she wanted in order to get my pictures and she turned me down after she came to the door again. She started yelling and pointing for me to get off of her property and that I was trespassing, which I was not because she knew I was going to her house.

my kids then took off running back to our vehicle scared and my baby started crying, so I went back to my vehicle and waited for her to come back out. She sent a lady friend that was there out to my vehicle to kindly do the exchange and off we left. Beware if you decide to do business with this woman.

She is crazy and off sets very easily and doesn't care if children are around.She will also raise your price if you "upset" her for asking any questions.

Review about: Lenses Purchase.



I personally in all of my accounts with Jennnifer Fails has been anything but good she is a demanding and self centered human that only does things that are in her interest not her customers I would highly not recommend her


I've used Jennifer and she was nothing but professional.She had great ideas and took very nice photos!

Her pricing was VERY reasonable.I would use her again.


Wow April (aka Stacy). I cannot believe you disguised yourself as another person to get back at her.


Jennifer is one of nicest people I have ever met in my life.I have had the privelege of living by her.

This April Coronado chick has NO idea who she is talking about. Mrs. Jennifer do not listen to this woman because she is obviously insane if she thinks that you are a liar.

Maybe of she got her brats off her hip she would understand that she is completely awesome.People in this world want everything for nothing and April Coronado is no exception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obviously this photographer is dishonest.If you look at her tag line that is cached with this review, it contains the name of another photographer (this was just removed from her site).

By see that it would show that she copied words off another photographers website which is illegal. She stole copyrighted wording.

If she is dishonest enough to steal copyrighted material from another website, you have to wonder what else is stolen on her site.Do not use photographers who do not have ethics and respect of real professionals in the industry.


Obviously this photographer is dishonest since if you read the tag line it also has another photographer's name. Which means that she copied copyrighted content from someone else to use on her own website but failed to remove the name. Anyone who steals copyrighted information makes your wonder what else is stolen on her website.


Jennifer Fails was truly a blessing when taking my wedding photos. She was a joy to work with and was professional in all of her dealings with my family and friends. I will use her again for our family photos and I highly recommend her to anyone in the Houston area looking for a great photographer with extremely reasonable pricing.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jennifer for several years and the remarks in this customer's complaint are difficult to imagine.Jennifer is a devoted and generous individual to any and all that call on her.

Her business model reflects the same. She has taken pictures for my school, for my family, for my friends, and for myself all of which have been AMAZING! I hope and pray no one is influenced by one person's, perceived, experience.

I encourage anyone who has any photo needs to take advantage of Jennifer's talent and remarkable prices!You will not be disappointed!!!


Wow I have used this photographer two or three times and the pricing was the best in houston thus far!and honestly have never had a problem.

I am also using her for my daughters wedding in august. I'm so sorry for your incident. I always google businesses and check them out and its been a yr. Or so since I have used this photographer.

I can honestly say I have had many misunderstandings myself with businesses but usually wait to post anything at all negative. I am a blogger and from my own experience negativity isn't key. Karma sucks and just move on and use another photographer if that is your opinion. I remember she came to my home for xmas pics and went over and beyond.

I used to get all upset over pity junk but if you let the negativity set in you ....karma will haunt you. Just food for thought.

And so what if the photographers friends or clients post positive comments.We don't live in a perfect world.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Fails for the past 10 years.She is truly one of the kindest and most generous people I know.

She has taken several pictures for me over the last couple of pics, homecomings, birthdays, etc. She has always displayed professionalism and never ceases to give her best effort each and every time. She loves what she does and it shows!!! Please do not let one angry customer sway you from using Jennifer Fails.

Her prices are low, low and the quality is high, high!!!

I recommend her to anyone who asks.She is truly the best!!!


I used jennifer to take family portraits and they are priceless.Jennifer made it fun for a teenage boy and even got great pics with a puppy.

Her professionalism was apparent and I have reccommended her to many friends. Her prices are too low.

Don't let one pissed off customer alter her fine reputation.I would stake my reputation on her work.


My family has used Jennifer Fails Photg.several times.

For family pics, First Communion and now Confirmation. We all enjoyed working with her, I have 3 sons and they even said she made it fun.

To Stacy who thinks it "shady" that people are responding now, I ask, "what would you do if you owned a biz and someone posted remarks you felt untrue?" You would ask satisfied customers to respond.I am a VERY satisfied customer and I would/do recommend Jennifer Fails Photog.


For any one that knows Jennifer Fails and uses her professional photography services, know first hand her character is flawless and her heart is ALWAYS in the right place.She is probably one of the most honest people I know.

I have known Jennifer for over 10 years, and am always in awe of her giving nature and beautiful, loving spirit. She is a true gem and if you are lucky enough to have her call you "friend" you are blessed beyond measure. There is nothing this beautiful lady, inside and out, would not do for her family, friends and customers. I, myself, have been a reciepient of her generosity and passion for photography.

She unselfishly gives of herself and her passion of photography, to make others happy, especailly her customers. I am confident, without a doubt, that Jennifer Fails is an honest and upstanding business woman, who can meet all of your photography needs.

Please do not let ONE digruntled customer's comments scare you away from one of Houston's finest photographers.I would stand behind her character and her professionalism 100%.


Jennifer took graduation pictures of my daughter and I was very happy.She was very professional and the pictures were beautiful.

She even lent my daughter 2 shawls for her pictures.I would and have recommended her services to many people.


Fortunately, this has been my 1 and only customer that has had an issue with my service.Unfortantely, she decided to post complete lies.

It is sad when one person can post a complete fabricated story without all of the facts and have it post on line for anyone to see. Fact 1-she was late on paying me. $20.00 for 5 4X6 I think is extemely reasonable. Go look at other photographer's prices.

It would be sad if one person's account of the facts were posted and not my customers true experiences.So I am very comfortable allowing my customers to post the truth about me and my business.


Did Jennifer call all of her friends and ask them to post replies?...all on the same day at approx the same time? I find that in it self quite shady


Jennifer with Jennifer Fails Photography from Houston, Texas has been serving our school and parish community for several years.This professional photographer in my opinion delivers above the level expected.

Last year, we had a significant project that Jennifer assisted in taking pictures of our graduates for the Graduate Wall which is mounted for the Graduation Dinner. I called her the eve of the Event in a panic that one student's photo was missing. Upon arrival to the graduation dinner, I was so thankful of Jennifer's services as she had ensured a quality professional photo was mounted among the classmates and we did not skip a beat. The student approached me to thank me for ensuring a photo was posted as she was absent the day the photos were taken, I was excited to tell her that Mrs.

Fails made it happen! Noting that this is during the time when our parish and school community is extremely active with Confirmation/Graduation/First Holy Communion/End of Year Activities and there is Jennifer actively working among these events to ensuring the moments are 'captured', it meant a great deal that she took the time to ensuring a photo was present for this student. I for one as a working mom totally appreciate her presence and willingness to share generously her services with our community. Jennifer is prompt to respond to inquiries and her follow up is professional and courteous.

She takes her business very seriously and it shows in the quality of work that she delivers. Jennifer Fails Photography not only ensures an understanding and is quick to resolve "glitches"; she communicates openly what she can and can't do as part of the services she offers. Without a doubt I am very pleased with the services she has offered to me and the early a.m.

email exchanges we have specific to my questions.Her pricing is extremely competitive and her professionalism shows not only in her product, but also in her willingness to work with the customer.


Jennifer Fails is one of the most honest, beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.I asked Jennifer to take my son's newborn picture.

I didn't want to do it too early because he was a premi and did not fit in his clothes, but I also wanted his announcements out right away. I emailed Jennifer asking her thoughts since she was the professional. She offered to come the week after he was born to get an announcement picture and then came back a month later for his actual newborn picture shoot. She even let the grandmothers come.

I have offered her name up over and over again. my best friend recently used her for her 200+ wedding and was blown away by her professionalism. I won't even comment on her prices because they speak for themselves. She has given so much to the church and school community.

I also simply followed her easy payment directions and could not believe what we got for the price! I hope to actually work more closely with Jennifer in the future.

It is a shame that someone who must be unhappy somewhere else in their life, felt the need to find this website, and not only write untrue remarks but to name call.I will use Jennifer for many years as my son and family grow.


Jennifer Fails is a very honest and professional photographer.She has taken numerous photos of my family as well as my church and school.

She does a wonderful job and has no problems working with people. The kids love her.

She also volunteers her time to take pictures for many things in the community including retreats.I feel that the problems were with the consumer not the photographer.


Jennifer Fails is an excellent photographer.Her quality of work and her prices are unbeatable!

You can not go wrong with Jennifer....she has a passion for her job and her customers. She is our family photographer and we love her.

Do not hesitate to hire her!!!You will be pleased!


Dear "pissed customer",

We recently had some family and graduation photos taken for SEAS by Ms. Jennifer, and they turned out beautiful! She has such a passion for photography and barely charges anything for her work. We have known her for years and she always wears a smile on her face (btw, I have never even heard her "loud voice!")

For anyone else reading this: I would highly recommend Jennifer Fails Photography! :)


I can not imagine the Jennifer that this customer is describing!she is a happy and kind person.

you can imagine the amount of pictures we have that she has taken for us in the past 5 year(school events) .

we just had a session where she took pictures of our family and not only her excellent work, but her commitment for what she loves is amaizing.I highly recommend her.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer and her excellent work. She is a really gifted photographer and is always professional. I highly recommend her services and cannot imagine why someone would write such a review.


Jennifer Fails Photography has been our FAVORITE family photographer and fellow parishoner from St.Elizabeth Ann Seton.

She is professional and is always punctual. The quality of her photography is very high and the cost of photos is extrememly reasonable. You could not go wrong using this talented photographer.

The so called "pissed" consumer must have been having a bad day and overly sensitive.My family has always had a wonderful experience taking pictures with Jennifer Fails and we hope to take more in the future!


Our family has been delighted with the quality, service and value of Jennifer Fails Photography. Jennifer has photographed family portraits, special events, and sporting events for our family. Not only are her photographs high quality, her prices are the best in town.


Jennifer Fails has the biggest, most honest heart of any person I know.She has given away more services than anyone should to her church and her community.

Her prices are unbelievably cheap and her service has always been professional and timely.Coudn't ask for a nicer person!


What April Coronado, a parent at St.Elizabeth doesn't tell you is that she hadn't paid for her pictures that were ordered 3 weeks before.

What she doesn't tell you is when I asked for payment is when she started requesting with 6-10 emails and phone calls for tracking of a few 4X6 pictures. She trying to delay payment. My pricing is extemely reasonable but she didn't want to pay. She walked to my door with three small children and had her young son had me a wad of 1 $ bills.

In addition, the payment wasn't all there. I do have a witness that can attest to April's demands and rudeness.

Some people just want to be unhappy and not pay for a service.Sadly, she used her small children in the process.


My experiences with Jennifer Fails Photography have been 100% professional, courteous, and high quality! Jennifer has taken Christmas pictures of my 3 children, and family pictures with the five of us. She has always gone out of her way to make sure we are comfortable and satisfied.

Our payment experience was always positive: we followed Jennifer's simple directions and were thrilled with her pricing for such excellent photos.

I completely disagree with the characterization that she is "dishonest and crazy." She has always been honest and professional in dealing with me and my family. I would have her photograph my children and family again without any hesitation. Jennifer has my highest recommendation.


Jennifer took my family photos and engagement photos.Both turned out beautifully.

I have had so many compliments on all of the pictures she took for us, especially the Engagement Photos. She has an eye for picturesque spots to shoot. Jennifer is very friendly and punctual. She is professional and extremely easy to get along with.

Jennifer has a very affordable cost for both the sitting fee and CD with all images and print release.

Jennifer is a great photographer and all around a great person.She is always giving back to her community and church.

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